Each Tuesday I’ll be joining ohamanda by posting a top ten list. The list might be tips, crafts, hints, favorites, or anything that sparks my interest. Enjoy!

My top 10 favorite blog posts from the recent Compassion Bloggers trip to Ecuador:

If you have a minute or two, and a tissue or two, I strongly encourage you to check out these blogs! The are awe-inspiring, hope-filled, gut-wrenching, and full of grace.

10. Baby Bangs, Loving Toward All He has Made

9.  Kelly’s Corner, Jesus Loves the Little Children

8. Big Mama, And This is Just the First Day

7. Jonesbones5, Seeing a Glimmer of Hope

6. A Holy Experience, When You are in Desperate Need of Hope

5. A Holy Experience, Because God Really Knows how to Meet Needs

4. Kelly’s Corner, Just One

3. Boo Mama, Welcome to the Jungle

2. A Holy Experience, When Compassion Becomes a Gold Rush

1. Shaun Groves, Jivinson’s Hero


Do You have a Top Ten this Tuesday?

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